Individual  training

You're a lone wolf. A renegade. We get you. That's why we have so many individual workout options available. Individualized training will allow you to have full attention from your trainer and allow them to pin point every aspect of your workout program.

Buddy training

Buddy Training programs are the same as individual training. The only difference is you can share the price and session with up to 4 people.


• Health and Fitness

• Outdoors

• Sports

• Family

• Breaking you down with an Amazing Workout!!!!!

Education & Experience:

• NASM - National Academy of Sports Medicine

• Apex Nutrition Cert. & Silver Fit Training Cert.

      (retirees & limited mobility)

• 1.5 years apprentice with trainers of 20 years exp. • 3.5 years Premier Trainer for Pure Fitness

• 1 year Director of Training for Pure Fitness Club

• 7+ years Private Trainer - 3+ years Gym Owner

Fitness Coaches Bio:



Forza Fit Class:

There's strength in numbers. True statement, especially in our group classes. 

From crossfit junkies to soccer moms and everyone in between, this class will help you reach your fitness goals. Chances are, there's one to fit your schedule perfectly. Even better, they're packed with motivated, not-afraid-to-sweat people who'll inspire and push you!

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The longer you wait, the further you’re getting from your goal. Those calories aren't burning themselves. Make the commitment to be healthy. We'll be your partner every step (or plank or squat thrust) of the way. Contact us for a free tour!