Weight - 190 lbs. Body Fat - 21%

Weight - 170 lbs. Body Fat - 16%

 NPC Western Regional Nov 2013

BF% = 5.2 %

Jen's before picture she is about 140lb- 27% Body Fat. In the after picture she is 127lbs- 21% Body Fat, and she lost over 5 inches all around!!!! You Go Girl!!!! She also recently decided to step up from half marathons to do her 1st official Full Marathon!!!! Finishing under her Goal time Great Work!!!!!!!!!

Before Picture of Grace Rivera:

12-4-2013 – 121.6 lbs. – 25% Body Fat


Great Work and Dedication Grace!- You put your mind to a Goal and Killed it!!-! This journey will set you up for future success in your life!

- Way to Go!! Team Forza baby!! -

My journey with Caleb Paliotto began in January of 2010. When I first met him, I tipped the scales at 286 pounds. I was leading a pretty sedentary life, and ate whatever I wanted. Caleb did my fitness assessment, and asked me at what level my motivation was to change. I told him a 10! You see, I had been overweight my entire life, almost from infancy. I was soon going to turn 30, and knew that I needed to change my life, starting with my body. Along with teaching me how to start exercising, Caleb helped me set up a meal plan that I was able to follow, and coached me on how to make it work in my life. He encouraged me to write down everything that I ate, and checked my journal to help me stay accountable. In January, the gym where I work out announced that they were going to have a fitness challenge that pitted 11 other gyms in the Phoenix area against one another, where the woman and man who lost the greatest percentage of body fat and weight would each win $1000. I knew that it was something that I wanted to do, and that I had a good chance of winning it. Caleb trained and coached me along during the 2 months of the contest. He was so supportive during the whole contest, even when I was panicking or thought I couldn’t do it. He kept a positive attitude and encouraged me to keep trying and working. When I went in for the final weigh-in on March 15th, I had lost 50 pounds! Three days later, when the winners were announced, I couldn’t believe it when my name was in first place! That was truly one of the greatest days of my life. I had made a significant change in both my body and my whole outlook on life. I was no longer spending hours in front of the computer or the television. I didn’t stay up late into the night for no reason other than to eat a late snack and watch ‘just one more show’. I didn’t mindlessly eat whatever crossed my plate. I wasn’t on a first name basis with the fast food drive through workers anymore. It is amazing to me how different my life has become! Caleb continued (and still continues) to encourage me to make new goals for myself. The next goal I set was to compete in a triathlon. Caleb helped me gain the strength and stamina I needed to feel confident enough to race. On August 9th, I completed the Camp Pendleton Sprint Triathlon. When the race was complete, on a whim I decided to check the standings list to see where I ended up. To my shock and surprise, I had come in 3rd place in my division! They gave me a medal and everything! I couldn’t believe how far I had come in those short 7 months. I decided it was time to tackle another fitness challenge. Caleb threw his support behind me 100%. He pushed me harder and farther then I ever thought possible. He kept at it even when I was mean and dispirited. He was my champion! Needless to say, I won the last fitness challenge as well. I couldn’t have done it without his support and encouragement. I am now 110 pounds lighter than I started this year. My body fat percentage has gone from a morbidly obese 46% to 26%. I started out as a size 26 and am now a size 12. I can do things I never, ever dreamed it was possible for me to do. I look forward to achieving my next goals, and know that Caleb will be there along the way.

"Temporary Pain 4 Long Term Gain" Caleb P.

When I started my journey at the gym I knew it was not going to be easy. Food was my best friend, and I couldn’t stand the idea of changing my eating habits. However, I soon realized that this gym was the best thing that ever happened to me! My trainers taught me the importance of life long goals and held me accountable every day of my journey. The staff treated me special, they took the time to get to know me and help me through all the struggles that come with changing my eating habits as well as leading a healthier lifestyle. One of the most important things that they taught me was that food was meant for survival. I no longer use food as a comforting tool when I am down. Now after a year of hard work and dedication I am down 87 pounds and 15% body fat. I feel better than ever and I cannot thank the staff here, and especially my trainers enough for giving me my life back. God Bless!

NPC Natural Western USA 2014:

3-17-14 – 123.2 lbs. – 13.3% Body Fat

NPC Western Regional- November 2013 This was my 1st competition and it has been an Amazing Experience. I decided to compete when my client Kurtis Overby came to me with the interest to train for a fitness show. Never being in a competition myself only being part of others journey and training. I believed the best way to train my client for an Men's Physique Show would be to train alongside ,and experience every step of the process with him. I would like to thank my family, friends and especially Gabe and Aaron. These two fellow trainers were Great Motivation and Guidance... Now being through the process, I have a new knowledge and appreciation for the Sport!

Thank You....

"Results Start at the End of your Comfort Zone" Caleb P.

So you Run a business and don't have time to WORKOUT!! Well thanks to this STUD that excuse doesn't Work Anymore!!!!!

This "Rockstar" Proves that AGE is just a number and WE can do whatever we set our MINDS to!!! Great Work!!!

I am so proud of my client Kurtis Overby! He decided to discipline himself, and commit to doing a Fitness Show. After months of Hard Work and Dieting it paid off Great Job buddy!!!

After a heart attack, I searched unsuccessfully for a good trainer. Then I met Caleb Paliotto, a high energy guy with a clear vision of health centered training. After we began working together, I found Caleb to be a skilled exercise specialist, a well - informed coach on long term diet and life choices, and one who truly cares about his clients. Because of Caleb, I have, at 76, become healthier than ever before.

Julian B. Rush......

Age does not define what you can do!!!! Awesome Job Julian!!!!

Weight - 190 lbs. 

Body Fat - 32% 

This women and her uplifting testimony inspired alot of people at the gym I Managed for Pure Fitness!

“I got my life back.”

It was October 10, 2012 that I decided to take my health back. I was tired of being tired and feeling sick all the time. I wasn't sure just how to get where i needed to be. That's when i got lucky was told about Caleb at Forza Health and fitness. I was scared and lost when i walked into that gym. I was at ease by the end of our first session and conversation. I knew from my first visit that Caleb was serious about helping me. We worked on a goal and a plan. I can say that there was times I wanted to give up. Caleb was so supportive and wouldn't allow me to. He was always encouraging. Ones health is the most important thing. Caleb helped me to focus on nutrition as well as exercise. I feel so great now. Going from obese to healthy in seven months. Trust in Caleb and his plan, you will see great results. Remember, one bad day doesn't excuse you from working out and eating healthy the next day. Thank you so much Caleb for believing in me :)

"Changing Lives 1 Rep at a time" Caleb P.

This Mother of "3" is truly an inspiration to all of us especially those women who think its to late for them!!!!

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This Guy is a Stud! He decided to step his Game up and it Paid off!!!


Weight - 180lb

Body Fat - 24.2%